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Nation of ONe
by John Cameron Mitchell & Stephen Trask


Gnosis & Matthew ZanFagna

Direction, Design, Editing, Featuring

Rory Gordon

Final Colorist

Rafi Belks

Production Assistant

Alex Acevedo

Movement Consultant

Special Thanks

Stephen Winter, Epidemic Sound, Charlee Da Tos,
James Coppola, Gillian Monka, Cameron Hogan,
Breanna Durkin, Michael Piatkowski

by ALYNDA SEGARRA & John Cameron Mitchell

Nathan Stassin & John Cameron Mitchell


Nathan Stassin


John Lavin & Joe Bowden

Shot by

Michael Zumbrun


Say Their Names
by Leland & John Cameron Mitchell


Vocals by Qya Cristál & JCM

John Cameron Mitchell, Jason Edward Tucker, Sutton Hannigan


Michael Zumbrun


Rory Gordon

Final Colorist

over the sea

over the sea

i’ll get there

i wanna see  

there’s gonna be

no debt there

i need a disguise

i think it wise

to color my eyes 

kiss my lips away

burn my fingertips

cut off the lips

that kissed you


shatter my teeth

and the bones underneath

reset them in the shape 

of a good man

of a good man

give me a new name

give me a new name

i’ve always liked cosmo


they’ll never find me

they’ll never know me 

got a new passport

i want to go home


my woman has changed

her face rearranged

since i met her

i’m scared of my kid

and the things that i did

to get him to like me

i wasted my whole life

but i love my wife

cause she only wasted a short time

with me

nothing i could do 

made her love me how she used to

before she really knew me


by John cameron mitchell & Justin Craig
(feat. Amber Martin)


Matthew Zanfagna

Direction and Art

Michael Zumbrun 


Brian A. Kates

Editing Consultant


Assistant Director

Roy Racks

Director of Photography

Heather Bildman

Production Assistant

Sutton Hannigan

aka Queen with a Drone

Drone Photography

Jesse carter

Drone Photography


Anne Melvin, Michael Piatkowski, NSB, James Coppola, Sophia 

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